How to ticks off your skin goals in just 5 minutes a day.


Assalamualaikum wbt.,

Skin care and technology can be great partners for your beauty routine. Using a beauty device can boost the effects of your products and help to speed things up. Besides, with ‘stay-home’ becoming a social norm, owning a beauty device makes for a convenient facial that can be done daily in the comfort of your pajamas.

DR’s Secret LIF is a complementing technology with therapy. It’s a skin-perfecting devices that help us create visible radiance and youthful-looking skin in just minutes a day. This beauty tool is so well-loved that it has been sold out many times.

It is patented successfully in Korea. It is a skin care apparatus which generates 4 powerful and targeted technologies – namely Near Infrared, Iontophoresis, LED and Radio Frequency to work in tandem to unveil healthier and luminous skin. DR’s Secret LIF is suitable for most skin types. Please ensure that you are using suitable products for your skin and use LIF with the correct massaging techniques. We recommend pairing LIF with your DR’s Secret skin care routine for boosted results.

lif-skin-care-device-drs-secret-1If you have acne skin, we recommend to use only Blue Light mode to help kill bacteria and soothe inflamed skin. Use the pause-and-hold method instead of gliding the device against your skin. Once your acne condition has improved, you may use other modes in LIF with gliding technique according to your needs.

Caution: If you have stitches on your face or your wound is deep and bleeding, you should not use LIF. Recover completely before using LIF.

Results vary with individuals depending on your skin type and the severity of your skin concerns. For users with normal skin or mild concerns, you may see results in a few sessions. For users with severe skin concerns, it may take more treatments to see results.

Avoid washing LIF under running water as it will damage the device. Use a wet towel to clean the device head thoroughly, moving through the grooves between the titanium heads. Wipe dry and place the device face down on a dry cloth or tissue. This will help to pull and drain out any remaining solution. Cleaning the device correctly after use ensures the device’s durability and performance.

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