Joint Comfort

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Joint Comfort

Joint health formula supplemented with antioxidants for better comfort.

Helps us to continue enjoying our favorite activities – Containing the necessary nutrients for cartilage building!


90 tablets
Made in USA




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Cartilage lubricates and cushions our joints.

A healthy joint is one that is well lubricated with cartilage. Cartilage is a connective tissue with a gelatinous texture. It reduces friction during movement in a joint, providing bones that form the joint a smooth surface to glide against.

Cartilage also acts as a shock absorber, allowing our joints to successfully withstand impact during motion. Without cartilage acting as a cushion and absorbing the force of impact, bone on bone contact will occur and result in pain. Both properties of cartilage allow our joints to remain both flexible yet strengthened.


Joint discomfort has no age.

Joint discomfort is caused by the degeneration of cartilage, resulting in stiffness and pain. Young individuals who are overly involved in active sports can also suffer from wear and tear of cartilage. In particular sports like tennis, sprinting, skipping, hiking, gymnastics, exert a large impact on our weight-bearing joints (hip, knees and ankles). Mature individuals too naturally experience this problem due to accumulated usage of joints.

Hence, cartilage degeneration resulting in joint discomfort can happen to both young and old, limiting range of motion and decreasing mobility. As such, we are forced to limit or totally cut down on these activities we enjoy.


Key Benefits:

  • Helps to reduce joint discomfort
  • Protects joints from natural degeneration
  • Replenishes necessary nutrients for cartilage building, even as we age
  • Added antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress in joints



  • As a dietary supplement, take 6 tablets daily for the first 1 to 2 months (may be taken all at once or at different intervals).
  • As a dietary supplement, take 2 to 4 tablets daily from the 3rd month onwards, depending on the level of discomfort. Reduce dosage accordingly as discomfort subsides.


For Enhanced Effects

To enhance recovery from injuries and maintain joint health, take with SangoCal and Liqui Cal/Mag.

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